About me

Front-end developer (Nordija)
Living in Denmark
BSc Information Technology

Hi! I’m Bram van der Giessen.

I am a passionate programmer, both at work and in my spare time. Pragmatic and with a lot of attention for details.

I enjoy the creative process that programming is. I love building new, experimental applications from the ground up in an iterative way, bottom-up and together with the user itself.

With more than 5 years of professional programming experience in different companies and domains – I have worked on various (big) projects and platforms as a front-end developer. I really enjoy working with JavaScript due to its versatility and wide range of applicability.

Constantly learning new things is what makes this profession (& hobby) so interesting and I’m always looking around for new tools, techniques, and languages to make programming even more fun.

I am originally from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where I studied information technologies and afterwards worked as a front-end developer in the safety & planning domain of the maritime sector. I currently work full-time as a Javascript developer for 24i (formerly known as Nordija) – delivering TV and Video on Demand to users around the globe.

In 2017 I moved to Denmark to live with my Danish girlfriend, where we now live together in a small town called Skodsborg (just outside of Copenhagen). Living and working in Denmark (one of the happiest countries in the world) has been great so far!

You can contact me through hello@bramgiessen.com or find me on Github.

Some of the technologies I currently use:


Senior Javascript Developer

2021 – present
Copenhagen, Denmark

As one of the leading developers on the FokusOn platform, I work together with a team of developers on delivering Pay-TV and Video on Demand anywhere to users locally and abroad. Our software runs on a large number of different platforms: from mobile phones and smart TVs, to gaming consoles and all kinds of TV Set-top boxes!

Keywords: Mentoring, architecture, customer driven, React.js, Vanilla Javascript, micro front-ends, performance optimisation

Javascript Developer

2017 – 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Entertainment for the masses.
I develop and maintain Nordija’s IPTV platform, delivering TV and Video on Demand anywhere to users locally and abroad. Our software runs on a large number of different platforms: from mobile phones and smart TVs, to gaming consoles and all kinds of TV Set-top boxes!

As a front-end developer at Nordija, I focus on maintaining and evolving the micro-frontend architecture of our platform and writing dynamic software components – called widgets.
These widgets serve as independent applications, which can be combined to easily create a unique and highly customised IPTV platform for each of our customers.

Keywords: React.js, Vanilla Javascript, micro front-ends, GraphQl, Jest, multi-platform, performance optimisation

Frontend Software Developer

Port of Rotterdam – (Consultant work for Teqplay)
2016 – 2017 (1 year)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

As part of my employment at Teqplay, I was working at the Innovation lab of the Port of Rotterdam 2 days a week. The port of Rotterdam is the biggest & busiest port in Europe.Here I was part of the team of developers and maritime specialists working on innovative information solutions for improving efficiency and safety of the nautical processes of ports all around the globe.

Keywords: React.js, React Native, Angular, Vanilla Javascript, SASS, API’s

Software Developer

Aug. 2015 – Jul. 2017 (2 years 6 months)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Building innovative information and communication solutions around ports. Give involved parties like skippers, terminals, and agencies better insight in what’s going on to improve security and efficiency of all nautical processes around ports and while sailing.

Keywords: React.js, Redux (state-management), Vanilla Javascript, Node.js, Websockets


2007 – 2010 (3 years)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Consolenet was my own “company” that I started when I was 14 years old. It consisted of a website where people were able to make an appointment with me to come by with their broken gaming consoles, which I would then fix for a set fee.

With this project I learned for the first time how to set up a website, gather customers and communicate with my own customers at a very young age.

Fun fact: I made some nice pocket money compared to my peers at age 14.


Bachelor of IT

University of Rotterdam
2011 – 2015
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

During my bachelor’s degree I developed a strong foundation in various subjects within the field of computer science and software engineering. Some of the topics I studied include logic, algorithms, software design patterns, data structures, database design, microcontroller programming, software engineering, and software debugging.

I graduated with a grade of 10 (A+) for my final thesis. For my graduation project I researched how a visual communications platform could improve safety for the maritime shipping industry – by plotting routes and intentions on a digital map. As part of this project I developed a proof-of-concept application (front-end & back-end), which was tested by real shippers and which I demoed for different parties of the Dutch government after my graduation project was completed.




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